Autism Symptoms

Autism is a devastating condition. It can deprive the sufferer of a completely normal life. It requires lifelong treatment and care. It is a malady that typically affects the sufferer’s perception. A person with autism has poor and short attention span. He also finds it difficult to interact with other people and his abilities are severely affected.

Unfortunately, the causes of autism are not greatly established. It is also difficult to pinpoint exactly how to treat it. Efforts are therefore directed towards helping people suffering from autism to fit and to cope. Some are taught how to be productive. The first thing, however, that you can do to help out a possible autistic sufferer is to get him a diagnosis.

But how do you know if a person is suffering from autism?

What are the autism symptoms?

The symptoms are not exactly symptoms per se. They are actually disabilities that are exhibited by people suffering from autism. These disabilities may range from really mild ones to severe disabilities. The symptoms do not follow any pattern.

So, you cannot self diagnosed. You still need to seek proper diagnosis from a qualified professional. The autism symptoms are as listed below:

• Indifference to other people
• Indifference to surroundings
• Indifference to activities
• Preference to be alone
• Rejection of physical contact and communication
• Can stare at the same object for hours
• Seemingly living in a world of their own
• Sensitivity to sensations
• Sensitivity to smell and loud noises
• Difficulty speaking and exhibits language problems
• Without comprehension of danger

People suffering from autism do not know they are suffering from it. They will not visit the doctors at their own volition. You need to recognize the autism symptoms and seek help for your loved one. In children, it is up to the parents to have their sons or daughters checked by a qualified healthcare provider.

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